The livestock market of Kashgar, Xinjiang (Photo Essays)

livestock market in Kashgar

So you are in Xinjiang, want to buy a sheep and don’t know how to do? No problem, since you are a lovely reader of Sapore di Cina I’m going to tell you. No, just joking.

I guess nobody here wants to buy a sheep, a horse or a cow. So why should you visit the Livestock Market of Kashgar? The reason is that, even if the Silk Road is gone long time ago, Kashgar is still one of the commercial hubs of Central Asia. Here you will have the possibility to observe the local traders bargain with the Kazakh and Kyrgyz dealers. And this is not something that you can see in your country.

The Livestock market opens every Sunday. It’s situated about ten kilometers outside Kashgar and the best way to get there is to take a cab (it will cost you about 20 RMB from the city center). If you don’t speak Chinese just show the driver a piece of paper with the characters 牛羊巴扎 (niúyáng bāzhā, which literally means “Cow Sheep Bazaar”). He will understand.

Here the photos that I took at the market:

livestock market in KashgarA young guy takes care of his flock while the father is dealing with the other traders.

livestock market in KashgarA butcher: at the Livestock Market you can either buy raw meat or have lunch.

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in KashgarI bought two wonderful knives from this guy. They are for present, I’m not a killer, not yet.

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in KashgarDiscussing the price of a horse with the owner.

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in KashgarThe most respected cook of the Livestock Market.

livestock market in Kashgar…and the sheep soup that he’s preparing.

livestock market in Kashgar

livestock market in Kashgar


  1. says

    Hi Furio,

    Great photos and nice write up! It seems by the weather the photos where not taken in November. When did you visit Kashgar?

    What your advise to other travelers to get candid photos.

    Read your bio page — pretty fun stuff — but where are you living now? or just moving from one hostel couch to another? Next time in Sichuan lets meet, no Carl’s Jr. but we can find something better than McD.s

    Looking forward to more posts.


    • furio says

      Hey Harley,

      you are right, I took these photos in middle September.

      To get candid photos I advice to go very close to the subject, snap a photo on their face before they realize and then make a big smile and pay attention to them instead of rushing to watch your pics. In this way people will understand that you care about their story and don’t just want a nice pic.

      I’m in Shanghai at the moment but I’m about to leave China for two months (after three years I can finally come back in Italy for Christmas).

      I will write an email to you the day I come back to Sichuan (I definitely want to come back).

      p.s. Going through your link I saw that you run a travel agency, this must be a pretty cool job!

      • says

        Hey Furio,

        X-Mas in Italy, that would make for a good blog. after three years in China.

        You living or ‘hanging in Shanghai?

        Yes I work at WindhorseTour but don’t run the place, just one of the managers. It is a fun job and have seen a fair amount of the country, but think you have me beat ;-)

        We tweeted this story and plan to tweet a few other of yours —

        Oh since you are in Shanghai pls head to Raffels and get me som Carls. Jr. Pls!


        • furio says

          At the moment I’m sleeping on the couch of a friend. Since I only had two months here before I leave for awhile it didn’t make any sense to get an apartment.

          Actually I don’t know if I will get one in 2013. I’m tempted by some months of backpacking even if it’s difficult because I always have troubles on finding a decent Internet connection when I travel in West China. Also, if I cannot cook I eat garbage food all the time…

          Cool, I will follow you on twitter as soon as I get to Italy and can access it again, my VPN is dead since 20 days and I’m kind of blocked out the social networks. At the moment I got a friend in Italy that is posting my articles on the facebook page of the blog : S

          Yup, definitely going for a Carl’s burger and french fries before I leave hehe

          • says

            A fellow CSer!

            When heading west let me know, we have some suggestions on mobile wifi that we use.

            If you need any help posting stuff you can also hit me up. Free to help.

            Enjoy the SuperStar with Cheese and get a Shake. (I need a food trip out of Chengdu.)

          • furio says

            Hehe yeah sometimes I also need a break from Chinese food. Though Sichuan food is especially awesome ; )

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