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100% Human and Native Chinese English Translation

100% Human and Native Translation

The most important aspect of a translation is for it to be accurate and to sound like it was written directly in the target language. Because of this, our translations are 100% done by native speakers with an excellent knowledge of the source language and significant experience translating. More information

Cheap English Chinese Translation

Save 40% on Your Translations

We know that in addition to quality, price is also a key factor. Compared to similar services, our translations to or from Chinese are often 40% cheaper. Get quality translations for the best price!
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Quality Chinese Spanish translation

Translations with Guaranteed Quality

All of our translations go through an exhaustive quality control process before being delivered. This process is supervised by the director of a Chinese language school with a Master’s Degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University, considered the best Chinese university for language studies. More information

Specialists in Spanish Chinese translation

Specialists in China

As opposed to other agencies, our company is specialized in China and is located in Hong Kong. The quality of our service is backed by Sapore di Cina, an online portal that has helped thousands of people move to China since 2012. More information

Services and Prices

Standard English Chinese Translation

Standard Translation

Translation of business texts and simple specific texts: presentations, catalogs, pamphlets, textbooks, literary texts, advertising materials, press releases, lists of prices and services, forms, manuals, etc.

  • Translation + quality control*: 0.05 USD
  • Translation + review by a second translator + quality control*: 0.06 USD
  • Translation review*: 0.015 USD
  • * Price per word (minimum amount of words: 1,000)

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    Translation Spanish Chinese legal texts

    Legal Translation

    Translation of legal documents: contracts, power of attorney, partnership agreements, business agreements, reports, deeds, legal rulings, statutes, patents, etc.

  • Translation + quality control*: 0.06 USD
  • Translation + review by a second translator + quality control*: 0.07 USD
  • Translation review*: 0.02 USD
  • * Price per word (minimum amount of words: 1,000)

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    Translation Spanish Chinese Technical documents

    Technical Translation

    Translation of technical documents: technical specifications, scientific documents, research articles, technical reports, etc.

  • Translation + quality control*: 0.06 USD
  • Translation + review by a second translator + quality control*: 0.07 USD
  • Translation review*: 0.02 USD
  • * Price per word (minimum amount of words: 1,000)

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    Translation Spanish Chinese websites and apps

    Translation of Websites and Web Apps

    Translation of websites and web apps: direct translation in HTML or XML code, WordPress, Prestashop, eCommerce, Magento, iOS and Android apps, etc.

  • Translation + quality control*: 0.06 USD
  • Translation + review by a second translator + quality control*: 0.07 USD
  • Translation review*: 0.02 USD
  • * Price per word (minimum amount of words: 1,000)

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    Important for residents of the European Union: Prices do not include VAT, which will be added in the case of translations for personal use. Companies are exempt from paying VAT because our company is located in Hong Kong.

    Why Choose Us?

    100% Human Translation

    100% Human and Native Chinese English TranslationMany translation agencies have started to systematically use machine translation software to save time and money. However, using machine translation softwares for the first step of translation tends to introduce errors that can substantially change the meaning of the source text, especially in the case of languages as different as Chinese and English.

    At SDC Translation, we make sure that our translators do not use machine translation software. That way, the translations that we provide maintain the meaning of the source text as much as possible.

    To ensure maximum quality and minimum errors, our translators are native speakers of the target language (Chinese or English), have a thorough knowledge of the source language (English or Chinese) and possess significant skills and experience translating between the two languages.

    Because our translation is 100% human, it may contain minor errors or inaccuracies. Thus, we offer the possibility of having texts reviewed in their entirety by a second translator, guaranteeing that the meaning of the original text is maintained to the maximum degree possible.

    40% Lower Prices

    Cheap English Chinese TranslationWe have an extensive network of freelance translators and our own platform to promote our services. This lets us save money and makes it possible for us to offer you prices similar to what you would get by directly hiring translators.

    Not only will you get prices similar to if you directly hired a translator, but you will also not have to worry about the quality of the translation. Our translators are selected and closely evaluated by specialists in English to Chinese translation.

    Currently, many companies offering professional translation services charge rates that can often be abusive, and many companies even add an extra charge for languages such as Chinese.

    Our commitment is to offer top-quality translations at the lowest possible price. Because of this, we are capable of offering much lower rates without compromising on quality. Compared to similar services, our prices are often at least 40% cheaper.

    Translations with Guaranteed Quality

    Quality Chinese Spanish translationA good translation doesn’t sound like a translation. Because of this, all of our translations go through a strict quality control process before being delivered.

    We have a team of experts on the Chinese and English languages who ensure that texts are well-written and free of grammar mistakes and unclear phrases. Our team is supervised by the director of a Chinese language school with more than 10 years of experience teaching Chinese to English speakers. Her knowledge of the language is backed by a Master’s Degree in the Chinese Language from Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学), which is considered one of the top Chinese universities for language learning.

    Despite the fact that our quality control team normally improves the wording of translated texts, the final text will reflect the quality of the source text. Because of this, it’s very important that before sending texts to translate, you make sure that they are written according to minimum quality standards. If you send us a poorly written text or a text with unclear ideas, the translation will reflect the poor quality of the original text, regardless of the quality of the translation.

    Experts on China

    Specialists in Spanish Chinese translationSDC Translation is a service offered by Sapore di Cina, a portal specialized in China, and has been developed to meet the needs of its users.

    Sapore di Cina is an online portal founded in 2011 by two foreigners living in China. Its goal was to create a portal to provide advice on all of the practical aspects of living in China. Currently, Saporde di Cina has become a leading source of up-to-date information on the practical aspects of living and doing business in China. In addition, it is highly regarded among students of the Chinese language across the globe.

    As opposed to other similar services, where Chinese is just another language, our company is specialized in China and only translates texts to or from Chinese. Because of this, in addition to being of high technical quality, our texts also consider cultural aspects, making them more effective at conveying the original idea to readers of the translation.

    Sapore di Cina and SDC Translations are owned by Web Travel Design Limited, a company based in Spain, at 51, Radas Street, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

    Translation Process

    Below are the details of our translation process:

    1. Request a free quote: Anybody interested in getting a translation of a document to or from Chinese has to send a request by filling out this form, which will be received by our team.

    2. Sending of the provisional quotation: Once we receive your request, our team will analyze the information provided and will respond to your request with a provisional quotation, attaching any other documents necessary (such as a non-disclosure agreement).

    3. Acceptance of the quotation and sending of documentation: If you accept the provisional quotation, the next step is to send the documents to translate along with the information required by our team and any additional documents (if necessary).

    4. Sending of the final quotation and contract: To formalize the agreement between the parties and provide a secure payment platform, our company uses PayPal. Once the documentation and information has been provided, our team will send you the contract and final quotation for the translation service via PayPal.

    5. Payment for the translation: If you accept the conditions of the contract and the quotation, you have to make a payment by using your PayPal account or a credit card. We won’t start the translation until you have paid the total cost of the translation (unless specified otherwise in the contract).

    6. Start of the translation: Once we have received your payment, our team will send the documents to the translator along with non-disclosure agreements, if necessary. During the process, the translator may ask for clarifications regarding unclear parts of the source text.

    7. Review of the translation (optional) : Once the translator has finished the translation, if you have purchased this service (extra cost), the complete documentation will be sent to a second translator for review, who will correct potential inaccuracies in the first translation.

    8. Quality control: After the completion of the translation process, our quality control team specialized in Chinese will extensively check the text and will correct any problems in terms of style or grammar.

    9. Delivery of the translation: Once the translation has gone through our controls, and before the deadline stated in the contract (normally a maximum of 7 business days), the translation will be delivered in the format agreed upon by the parties.

    10. Request for modifications (optional): Once the translation has been delivered, you have 15 days to review the translation and request modifications (for example, changes to the format of the translation).

    11. End of the service: Once 15 days following the delivery of the translation have elapsed and in the case that no modifications have been requested, the service will be considered complete.

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